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Botanical Wallpaper

Botany covers plants, flowers and leaves - everything that grows on our planet can also grow on our botanical wallpaper. 

Why choose botanical wallpaper?

Humans feel good around nature, and flowers and trees are naturally beautiful to us. A botanical wallcovering can be anything from a stylised, soothing foliage design to a forest full of life. What could be nicer than a green botanical wallpaper with fruits and animals sneaking between the leafy trees? Plant patterns have adorned our clothes, textiles and walls since the beginning of time. There is simply no question about it - we feel good having botanical print wallpaper in our homes. 

Stylised and vintage botanical wallpaper

A stylised pattern of small leaves in a muted, uniform colour can give an almost single colour impression. If, on the other hand, you choose a dark botanical wallpaper with large trees and branches, then you have a much larger pattern scale. Those who love vintage botanical wallpaper can choose between large designs and small-patterned, realistic prints. The flower meadow with many different blooms is a popular botanical pattern, and you can discover new details all the time. With us, you can buy a large selection of botanical designs and vintage botanical wallpapers in different styles and price ranges quickly and conveniently online.