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Primer is an important first step when you're repainting at home. It creates a smooth and even surface that allows the paint to adhere better and last longer. Choosing the right primer can make a big difference to the final result. Here we go through everything you need to know about primer, from different types to how to apply it in the best way.

Why is primer important?

Primer serves several important functions when you're repainting. First and foremost, it helps to even out the surface and cover any irregularities or stains. This makes the paint adhere better and become more smooth and nice. Primer also creates a barrier between the surface and the paint, which can prevent the paint from being absorbed or discolored by the surface.

Another advantage of primer is that it can help to improve the adhesion of the paint. This is especially important if you are painting on a surface that is smooth or has poor absorbency, such as tiles or certain types of wallpaper. By using primer, you create a surface that the paint can properly adhere to.

Application of primer

For best results, it's important to apply the primer correctly. Start by making sure the surface is clean, dry, and free from loose particles. Mix the primer well and pour a suitable amount into a paint tray. Use a brush or roller depending on the size and texture of the surface.

Work in even, thin layers and make sure to cover the entire surface. Avoid applying too thickly, as this can cause the primer to run or become uneven. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before painting, following the drying time indicated on the packaging.

With the right primer and careful application, you create the best conditions for a successful painting result. The primer is the base for your new paint and is well worth spending a little extra time and care on. We offer a wide range of high-quality primers for all types of surfaces and paints. Explore our range and find the perfect primer for your next painting project!