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The decision anxiety that can arise when you need to choose a color

Choosing a color can be both fun and difficult. Below you will find lots of wonderful information to simplify your choices. What does color mean, and what do you want to accomplish?

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We love color! Often, we humans enjoy being in nature, surrounded by greenery, sky, and sea. Below you will find our bestsellers when it comes to paint. We have compiled our top list, with the colors you, our customers, love the most!

Affects us in different ways. Different colors affect us in different ways. A dark blue can make us tired, a strong red can make us stronger, and a pink color tends to make us fall in love or be social. Read more about what the colors do below.

The sun's impact on colors. Have you ever seen a color you've loved, but it just doesn't fit in your home? That's because the light in the room affects the color. Windows facing north make the color cooler, and windows facing south make the color warmer.


A green room can give us peace and make us feel secure. A very good color to paint in a bedroom, a hallway, or a living room. A cool green color is especially suitable for a bedroom, while a warm green gives an inviting impression and is therefore an excellent choice for a hallway.


Blue rooms give a cool impression, light blue rooms can help you find focus and are therefore well suited for painting in an office, while a dark blue hue makes us relaxed and tired and is therefore an obvious choice for a bedroom.


Beige rooms give a warm and inviting impression. Beige walls have been popular for several years, and now we see a shift towards even warmer beige, almost yellow hues. Beige is a color that suits most rooms.


Pink colors are quickly growing in popularity! A pink hue makes the room warm and harmonious and can make a room both playful but also calm and inviting.


Discover the sophisticated balance of greige, a subtle combination of gray and beige, that gives your room a timeless and elegant atmosphere. This versatile color seamlessly blends into various interior styles, creating a neutral base that can be matched with a multitude of colors. Greige ranges from light to dark tones, offering flexibility to create everything from an airy and open space to a more cozy and inviting room. This unique shade unites gray and beige in perfect harmony, suited for anyone wanting a modern, understated look that still feels warm and welcoming.

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