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Time to repaint? Then you've come to the right place!

To make it easy for you as a customer, we have gathered some of our most popular and versatile colors and color-coordinated rooms. We hope you find something you like - let yourself be inspired!

Colored & Ready!

Our color concept - "Colored & Ready"!

This year's most popular color schemes - Some color combinations are more popular than others. To make it easy for you as a customer, we have gathered some of this year's most popular and versatile colors. Take a look below and let yourself be inspired!

Classic, always current styles - Do you like classic colors and patterns? Do you want to feel confident that it will be harmonious and stylish when you redecorate? In that case, you will find some "safe bets" below that we know many of our customers love.

Trendy - Are you a person who likes to be at the forefront and follow what's trending right now? Then check out our tips below, where we have gathered some exciting current colors and color schemes that are hot right now.

This year's most popular color schemes 

Check out this year's most popular color schemes and be inspired by the most sought-after colors. Discover how you can renew your home with colors that speak to the times we live in! Our exclusive collection of this year's favorite colors is a tribute to the most prominent color trends. Each shade has its unique expression and the ability to weave together an aesthetic that is as current as it is irresistible. Experience how these carefully selected colors can transform your home and reflect your personality and style!


Classic colors and patterns stand the test of time and lend your home a timeless elegance. Our collection of "safe bets" includes color and wallpaper combinations that always work. Choose from our most beloved classics to create an environment that is both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you long for the discreet or the bold, you'll find the safe choices here that are guaranteed to evoke admiration in your home, season after season.


Become part of the present with our trendy range. Take advantage of our handpicked color schemes that reflect the latest movements in color, wallpaper, and design. With a keen sense for what's on the rise, we have gathered colors and color combinations that breathe innovation and forward-thinking. Let these inspired color schemes be your guide to a home that is both personal and at the forefront of interior design trends.

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