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To facilitate for you as a customer, we have had our color and wallpaper professionals match our popular wallpapers with suitable paint colors – we call them "color buddies". Whether you're looking for wallpaper, paint, or both, we have developed ready-made style suggestions and color schemes that make it easy to succeed with your home project!

"Shop the style" - we've done the work!

Our color concept - "Color-coordinated & ready"!

Color schemes - To make it easy for you as a customer, we have gathered some of our most popular and versatile colors and color-coordinated rooms. We hope you find something you like - let yourself be inspired and let your imagination flow!

Color-matched wallpapers - Our experts in color and wallpaper have carefully selected and matched our most popular wallpapers with suitable paint colors - we call them "color companions"! We have done this to make it easier for you as a customer to buy paint & wallpaper!

Popular colors - With us, you will find plenty of fantastic colors that are guaranteed to make your home harmonious and personal. Our color designers have carefully developed beautiful colors that we know both we and you will love!


Regardless of whether you are looking for a classic timeless feel in your home or if you want to stay ahead with the latest color trends, you will find your shade with us! Let your personality and style take center stage, and let your imagination flow - Welcome to be inspired!


Step into a harmonious room with our color-matched wallpapers that harmonize with shades of paint. Create a space where each hue interacts with the patterns of the wallpapers to evoke a sense of perfection. Our color experts have crafted these combinations to simplify your choice, allowing you to enjoy a cohesive and well-thought-out room without guessing. If you're unsure, order our hand-painted samples and see how the colors can transform your space.


We love color, and we know that different shades affect people in various ways. Whether you want to surround yourself with the calm and harmonious tones of nature or are looking for a livelier color that sparks creativity and energy, you'll find them with us. Be inspired by all our shades and discover your favorite color! Unsure about your choice? Order our hand-painted samples to see how the colors can transform your room.

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