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Environment - We believe in providing paint that is not only of the highest quality, but also eco-friendly. That's why we've developed a premium Swedish-made paint that delivers superior results without harming the environment.

Indoor colours - We offer paint for every surface in your home. Read more about our different paint types below, where we’ve also included tips and tricks for all of your projects. Painting should be inspiringly and effortlessly simple!

Colour Buddies - What is your next project? Do you know if you're striving after a warm, cold, colourful or Scandinavian atmosphere? Discover our ready-made colour schemes for a wide variety of styles. We call them Colour Buddies.  


All our wall paint is water-based with both Nordic Swan and Eco-label labelling. It provides excellent coverage, is easy to paint with and gives a nice matte result (gloss level 3). It’s a wipeable quality paint available in all our colours. 

Tip for best results: Best painted with a roller. Begin by painting all corners and edges with a brush, then switch to the roller for larger areas. To avoid fluff and maximise paint absorption, wash your roller lightly with a little detergent, rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water before use. 


Our carpentry paint is water-based and adheres well with good coverage. It’s available in all our colours and gives a slightly more glossy impression than our wall paint, similar to gloss level 15). We’ve specifically chosen this to enhance the results. 

Tip: The best results are achieved using a brush. If you prefer using a roller, we suggest working quickly to achieve a flawless finish. Remember to paint all surfaces that you don’t want to paint. When painting untreated wood, we recommend priming with our carpentry primer. For treated wood, simply give it a quick clean and light sanding before painting directly onto it. 


Our floor paint is water-based and excellent as lacquer, specifically produced for indoor environments with light wear, such as parquet. solid wood floor and concrete. This paint is not recommended for damp environments, in for example garages. It’s available in all our colours. 

Tip: Use a roller for quick and neat results. To prepare the surface, make sure it is smooth, dry and clean. Varnished or painted surfaces should be washed and sanded beforehand, and all waxed surfaces must be stripped before painting. Untreated surfaces can be painted directly on top. Before rolling, paint all edges and corners with a brush. 


Our ceiling paint is white and suitable for surfaces such as plaster, concrete, wallpaper or fibreboard. It provides high coverage and easy application. Looking for other colours? Use our wall paint!

Tip: for best results, paint mouldings, edges and corners with a brush and continue with a roller. To ensure an even finish, always move the roller in the same direction.  

More useful tips!

1. The choice of roller or brush can have a big impact on the final result. A roller with larger fibres gives a textured finish, while a roller with smaller fibres results in a smoother finish. However, both options will provide a great result! 

2. The room’s lighting largely affects how a colour is perceived. Therefore, we recommend ordering our hand-painted adhesive colour samples to experiment with the colours and lighting to make the perfect choice. They are easily moved around to see how the colour changes depending on the light. 

3. Don't be afraid to paint, the worst-case scenario is having to re-paint!