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Pricerunner Purchase Guarantee

Your purchase with us is covered by the PriceRunner Purchase Guarantee free of charge. It gives you up to £5,000 if something goes wrong. To be covered by the Purchase Guarantee, you need to be a registered member of PriceRunner.

Those who are not already a member of PriceRunner and visited us through them can also take advantage of the Purchase Guarantee by registering within 60 minutes of your purchase. Becoming a PriceRunner member is free and only takes a couple of minutes! Become a free member of PriceRunner.

In order for the Purchase Guarantee to apply, the order must be addressed to you personally. You are entitled to compensation if something goes wrong with your purchase, such as that the product being broken, an individual product is missing upon delivery, the product is faulty or delivery fails.

If something went wrong with your purchase, PriceRunner Buy Warranty reimburses you for both purchasing costs and shipping costs. You will also receive compensation for direct financial damage you suffered as a result of the error. PriceRunner Purchase Guarantee does not reimburse any impairment, loss of revenue or other direct or indirect costs.

Visit PriceRunner for a list of categories not covered and full Terms of Use for the Purchase Guarantee.