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Is it time to decide on the colour of your wall paint? Our talented colourists have selected a number of colours of wall paint that we love the most and always are highly appreciated. Choose from our best colours and find one that suits your dream room!

Wall paint colours

How do you actually choose the colour of your wall paint? With our selection of colours, it's easy to choose a paint that will suit your home. There are many things you can take into account when choosing your colour, for example:

  • Which room to paint

A darker colour is usually more suited to large rooms, while lighter colours are better suited to small rooms. But of course you can have a dark colour in a small room and get a cosy homely feel. Or a light colour in a large room to make it feel even bigger and fresher.

  • Warm or cool colour

Warm colours lean towards red and yellow rather than blue. When you have to match colours, it can be good to match so that the colours are either warm, cool or neutral.