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The decision anxiety that can arise when choosing a color.

Choosing a color can be both fun and challenging. Below, you'll find our top list of colors that many people love right now.


Our selected colours

We love paint! People often thrive in nature, when surrounded by greenery, sky and sea. Below are our best sellers when it comes to paints. We have listed our top list, with the colours your customers love the most!

Affects us in different ways. Different colours affect us in different ways. A dark blue can make us tired, a bright red makes us bolder and a pink colour tends to make us fall in love or be more social. Read more about what the colours do below.

The influence of the sun on colours. Have you ever seen a colou r that you loved, but it doesn't work in your home? This is because the light in the room affects the paint. Windows in the north make the colour cooler and windows in the south warmer.

Green colours 

A green space can bring us peace and make us feel safe. A very good colour to paint in a bedroom, hallway or living room. A cool green colour is ideal for a bedroom, while a warm green creates an inviting atmosphere and is an excellent choice for the hallw ay.

Blue colours 

Blue rooms create a cool atmosphere, light blue rooms can help you find focus and are therefore a good choice for an office, while a dark blue colour makes us feel relaxed and tired and is therefore an obvious choice for a bedroom....

Beige colours 

Beige rooms create a warm and inviting atmosphere . Beige walls have been popular for years, now we're seeing a shift towards even warmer beige and almost yellow colours. Beige is a colour that fits in most rooms.

Pink colours 

Pink colours are rapidly growing in popularity! A pink colour makes the room warm and harmonious and can bring both playfulness and calmness to a room.