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Paint & Wallpaper New Releases

How will you wallpaper and paint in 2023? Let our new releases guide you to the latest in paint & wallpaper.

Old becomes new!

What we can see is that old favourites are returning, but in new colours from different suppliers. Many of the colour trends are in beige and warm yellow and brown tones. We also see a lot of green in many of the wallpapers. But we can also see that a lot of focus is generally on patterns with history and have an older visual language. Winding branches, flowers and soft shapes come on strong.

When it comes to painting walls, floors, furniture, etc., we also see very warm, yellow and brown tones there. Strong colour trends for 2023 are also bright colours such as cornflower blue, fuchsia and orange.

New arrivals in paint and wallpaper:

  • Old favourites made in new colours
  • The trendiest colours are warm
  • Warm & Natural
  • Red & Pink

Let yourself be inspired and find a lovely colour and wallpaper trend for 2023 that suits you!