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Monica Karlstein

Colours to love for a long time - and always come back to!

All the tips and advice on colour schemes that I as an interior designer usually give to my customers and followers have finally, after ten years, boiled down to my own colour collection with Nordic Swan Eco labelled paint.

My colours are an obvious go-to place as soon as you start remodelling your home to create a timeless, cosy and inviting home. For almost a whole year, I've been working on mixing paint and experimenting with these colours that live up to my high standards as an interior designer. I simply found the colours that I think look just as good in the north as in the south, in daylight as in dusk and in summer as in winter. They are all well-balanced and carefully selected and will be a fine and beautiful foundation to build on when decorating your entire home.

As you can see, these are not trend colours that you get tired of when fashion goes out of style. Instead, it is colours that capture the natural daylight that we have in Sweden, even in the dark winter, highlighting the good qualities of rooms and creating a comfortable feeling. Not just this season but every day, every year. Yes, even a lifetime if you wish.

With this colour chart, you don't even have to think - as long as you stick to these colours, you can mix and match to your heart's content without going crazy. The colour chart is based on four colours in two variations with different amounts of black, so you can choose between a light and a darker version of each colour depending on what suits your home.

As well as being incredibly beautiful just as they are, each colour individually or in groups, the colours have also been developed to match the most popular wallpapers of the big wallpaper stores. So if you want to match a wallpaper, you are most likely to find "the perfect match" in this colour collection.  


Picture of Paint - Colour W173 Sommarljus by Monica Karlstein Picture of Paint - Colour W173 Sommarljus by Monica Karlstein

Colour W173 Sommarljus by Monica Karlstein

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