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Background wall

Sometimes you don’t want to wallpaper entire rooms, so a background wall can be a good alternative. A background wallpaper gives the room life and movement with a beautiful wallpaper while giving it air and contrasts in that not all walls are wallpapered. Here, you will find lots of lovely wallpapers that fit as the background wallpaper in all rooms in the home.

Wallpaper for Background Wall

A background wall goes in all rooms, regardless of whether it's a background wallpaper in the bedroom or if you want to venture into a background wall for the living room. A wallpaper in a bedroom can become a beautiful background wall in a very simple and affordable way. Wallpapering a wall can really elevate a room and give it a new feel and character. If it's a cosy feeling you're after, a dark background wallpaper can be a good fit, while a light background wallpaper lights up the room and creates an airy feel. Keep in mind that when choosing wallpaper for a background wall in a bedroom, it should make you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. In contrast, a background wallpaper in the living room should give you energy to socialise. As long as these criteria are in place, you know that you've found the perfect wallpaper for your home.

Decorate your home with stylish background wallpapers

Of course, a background wall isn't just for the bedroom, but works just as well everywhere around the home. A wallpaper on a background wall can give the room depth and character where the background wallpaper is either centre stage or just creates a certain feel depending on which wallpaper you choose. Likewise, a wallpaper in a hallway can welcome guests with the right feeling and be the wall that gives the first glimpse of the home when you step inside the door.

Buy background wallpapers online

With us, you will find thousands of background wallpapers that are just perfect for a background wall that will give you room that little extra something. With different colours, patterns, and textures, you just have to be inspired when decorating a comfortable room with a background wall. If you feel unsure about which wallpaper will best suit your particular home, you can always order samples and mix and match yourself so you can find the perfect wallpaper for your background wall. We give you the opportunity to become your own interior designer, as we believe that everyone deserves a place to feel at home. If you would like tips and advice for your choice of wallpaper, you can read more on the blog. Of course, you are welcome to contact our customer service and we will help you.